My name is Maria and I am an Arts Therapist and it will be an honour for me to complement your yoga and meditation practices at Thrive Yoga by offering you a nurturing experience of creative arts expression.

I come from a background as a health professional and have held a life-long love of the arts. My journey in Arts Therapy has been about striving to live authentically, which led me to successfully graduating from my Masters in Arts Therapy in 2015. I have a keen interest in mindfulness practise and I love yoga! Having worked for several years as an Arts Therapist with mental health clients at a major public hospital, I find myself continually in awe of the healing power of creative arts expression, with its capacity to enable release and relaxation, joy, being present in the moment, a greater sense of oneself, and an acknowledgment of one’s personal values and strengths.

I strongly believe we are all creative beings. I invite you to join me in an experience of making art where the emphasis is on the process of self-expression—one ofexploration, curiosity and play—rather than the end product; where you are gently guided in an environment of acceptance and wonder.