You may have noticed Acai bowls and smoothies being introduced in many cafes as a breakfast staple and has become a trendy ingredient. Acai berries are a small fruit native to Central and South America and are considered a superfood rich in antioxidants. They are fantastic for breakfast or a snack and quite filling. Acai bowls have become one of my favourites and who can resist these colourful bowls and it is easy to make, which is a plus.

Here is my recipe and I often use a smoothie base and I use one frozen banana, apple juice or almond or rice milk, vanilla yogurt, frozen berries and acai berry puree.
You can buy frozen acai berry puree or powder.
Blend all the ingredient to a rich and smooth consistency.

Pour over a bowl and then comes the fun part of garnishing your bowl. I often use granola, any fruit berries, kiwi fruit, mango, nuts such as almonds and chia seeds, coconut flakes and sometimes peanut butter.