Meditation at Thrive


Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind as a way of calming and de-cluttering it. You don’t have to possess any great ability nor do you need to be experienced at mediation to try it. Meditation is something everyone can do at their own pace. Some will find they can achieve great focus quickly. For many it can take time.  The benefits can be enormous.

Meditation reduces stress levels, clears one’s mind, improves concentration and helps us get closer to that goal of holistic health and wellbeing.

At THRIVE all our meditation sessions are guided.   We prepare for meditation by doing some gentle stretches to help relax and slow the mind down.  During the meditation session we work with various techniques including breath, visualisation and yoga nidra.  These are various techniques to assist you to focus and achieve deeper relaxation.  In our sessions we help you to train your mind to acknowledge its content without labelling it.  In this way you learn to relax without worrying that you are not doing it right.  What matters is that you are working on your practice and as you gain more experience you will feel you are getting more out of it.

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The Thrive studio is located at 144 A Nepean Highway, Aspendale, just 100 metres from the Aspendale train station. It’s the perfect location for Aspendale locals and those in the surrounding suburbs of Edithvale, Chelsea, Aspendale Gardens, Bonbeach and Mordialloc.