Chanting of Ganesha Mantra 108 times

WHEN: Friday 29 January 2021
TIME: 7 pm to 8.30 pm
COST: $25
BOOKINGS: Ring Amy on 0410473996

Ganesha mantra aims to remove obstacles, negativity and fear, while ushering in new beginnings.

Lord Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu God who is worshipped for his knowledge and wisdom. He’s a guardian of doors and temples, but most importantly, he’s known as the “breaker of obstacles.”

He is said to also govern our base chakra , it is a way to wake up our root chakra energy of transformation so we can move through obstacles with ease.
The evening will commence with a ceremonial offering to Ganesha and we will explore each part of the mantra and chant together 108 times.

The mantra gives us the willingness to push past perceived blocks and go through life with determination and a strong sense of self.

A potent way to welcome the new year and set intention for the whole year.

What to bring – an offering such as a flower or fruit ,towel, blanket/wrap/water bottle