Vino and Vinyasa Day Retreat in Red Hill

Saturday 15th June 2019

Lindenderry Wine Estate

Experience a truly holistic wellbeing retreat that gives you so much in just one day. With yoga, meditation, nutrition and mental health, you will come away from the day rested, relaxed and ready to apply skills and knowledge to enhance your life.

The retreat is called Vino Vinyasa Day Retreat and it takes place at the beautiful Lindenderry Wine Estate in Red Hill on Saturday 15th June. At about 35 minutes from Edithvale, Lindenderry offers unrivalled luxury and comfort with plenty of space for activities and first class service from its staff. In addition, there are 13 hectares of gardens and vines which offers quiet spaces for the group to relax and reflect and vast picturesque and tranquil surroundings to wander and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The retreat will commence at Lindenderry Estate at 8.15am and conclude at 4.30pm. The package cost is $320 per person and will include the following:

  • Transport to and from the venue
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Working style lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • 1 x Hatha yoga class
  • 1 x Yin Yoga class
  • 1 x meditation session
  • 1 x Ayurvedic workshop
  • 1 x mental health and wellbeing seminar by psychologist Paul Clifford

You will picked up by the driver from Thrive at 7.30am SHARP. Upon arrival you will be greeted by your host Amy who will show you to the event room for the welcome address and an overview of the day.

The first activity of the day will be a Hatha yoga class from 8.15-9.15am. This will be followed by morning tea, 9.15-9.45am. Paul will take the group through a seminar on mental health and wellbeing from 9.45-11.15am with the focus on practical strategies to reduce stress and mentally thrive no matter what life throws at you.  11.15-12.15 is a Meditation Pranayama Mantra recital.

12.15-2.15pm is lunch which includes wine tasting. You will have time to sit and relax and chat to other participants and/or take a walk through the estate gardens.  After lunch from 2.15-3.15pm is an Ayurvedic workshop that will give you insight into the sister science of yoga, giving you information about nutrition and yoga practices that best suit your body type.  This is followed by afternoon tea 3.15-3.30pm. The retreat finishes with a Yin Yoga session from 3.30–4.30pm. Your driver will take the group back to Edithvale, leaving Lindenderry at 4.45 and arriving back at Edithvale at approximately 5.20pm.

A 50% non refundable deposit will be required to secure your spot and accommodation packages can be arranged however limited availability.

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