Yoga & Pilates


In small intimate classes we look after each client regardless of your capability to make sure your Yoga experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

If you find gyms too noisy, distracting and impersonal, then Thrive studio is the perfect place for you. At Thrive we have created an ideal sanctuary where there are no intrusions and the care factor is high.

And if you thought Yoga was only for the physically fit and the ultra flexible, think again.  At Thrive it doesn’t matter how free and able you are.  Many of our clients are restricted in what they can do and that is why they come to Thrive.  We help them heal their bodies.  Others realise the importance of maintaining their flexibility to keep themselves strong and active.

No matter what your level fitness, Yoga is an important part of a holistic wellbeing program.

At Thrive we teach Hatha, Restorative and Yin styles of Yoga in order to help people achieve a sense of connection, a coming together of the various parts of themselves to achieve a peaceful unity.  The classes are gentle yet strong and will give you increased flexibility, strength, mobility, relaxation and mental clarity.

Thrive Yoga is suitable for beginner to intermediate with modifications available, allowing you to go at your own pace, and they are taught in a warm to hot room to help loosen the body and more easily move into poses.

In each session we focus on pranayama (breath) practices, asanas (postures) to strengthen and balance the whole body, and relaxation techniques.

The soft music will create an atmosphere of relaxation and reflection and the teacher will intermittently introduce elements of yoga philosophy, giving students an understanding of the real meaning of yoga.

We teach following styles of yoga:

Hatha Yoga – a gentle, basic yoga class with little flow between poses.  The pace is slow and we focus on stretching and breathing (pranayama) amongst a range of poses.  These include standing, forward and backward bending, balance, twists and seated, targeting the whole body.  We include relaxation to finish the class.

Morning Flow/Evening Flow – Hatha based class moving and flowing from one posture to the other

Yoga Tone – a Hatha based class and similar to morning /evening flow using hand weights, bands and balls

Restorative – the focus of the class is complete relaxation of mind and body.  Students are supported by a number of props with poses held for longer periods (3-5 minutes).  The class includes light twists, forward falls, gentle backbends and heart openers.

Yoga Yin – is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas that are held for longer periods of time up to 2 minutes. Poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissue of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

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The Thrive studio is located at 370a Nepean Highway Chelsea, just 200 metres from Chelsea train station. It’s the perfect location for Chelsea locals and those in the surrounding suburbs of Edithvale ,Aspendale, Aspendale Gardens, Bonbeach and Mordialloc.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Suitable for new born to crawlers. The class includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and relaxation for mums and baby massage and singing nursery rhymes for bubs.

This is a beautiful way to connect with your baby whilst practising yoga and meeting other like minded mums.

Please bring a few of your babies favourite toys, a wrap and a blanket, babies water milk if bottled fed.

You are most welcome to feed baby and change nappies however nappies will need to be taken with you to dispose at home.

Please note due to limited space we ask you not to bring a pram.
Mats and other props provided.
Will run during school term only.

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Kid's Yoga

Kids Yoga

There are a considerable number of research studies that are pointing to the benefits of yoga and meditation for children. These benefits include improved concentration, self regulation (better control of emotions and stress) and physical fitness, all contributing to improvements in mood, behaviour, relationships and academic performance.

Kids Yoga classes are for children between the ages of 5-12.  This is another part of our mission to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of our community through promoting movement.

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