You’ve probably heard of the term spiralling down into depression, but did you know the opposite – spiralling up – is also possible? It requires a deliberate strategy with the aim of elevating our mood. So how can we do it?

Well, there’s no one way to do it and it is likely to require a combination of things. Some of these could include seeking out connections with people who support us, reflecting on the things that we have rather than what we don’t, spending time doing things we love, and using our strengths, and of course exercise, sleep and diet. As we introduce these one at a time, we can gain momentum which motivates us to add another of these solutions to the mix, like adding to a fence brick by brick. As an example, when we use our strengths, research suggests that we become more satisfied and accomplish more. These little wins give us confidence, which elevates our mood. This may make us feel more like socialising with others which strengthens connections and further adds to our mood and so on.

Whilst an elevation in mood won’t happen for everyone, it is worth considering whether this might work for you. Feeling good doesn’t happen by accident, it’s on an ongoing process but you can influence it in a positive direction.